Analysis & Measurements

Engineering in the service of man, for a modern approach to safety at work and environmental protection.

The pursuit of environmental sustainability of development is a virtuous process based on the ability to look at environmental monitoring as an activity at the service of one's own management policy.

Environmental impact data is now considered to be "standard procedure", "surveillance tool", "performance indicator", and "performance objective", depending on the specific management step for which it is acquired.

“An accurate measurement is worth the opinions of a thousand experts”


This is the operational philosophy around which Sige's management and technical consultancy activities revolve.

Our activities:

Chemical analysis laboratory

Sampling on Emissions and Environmental Matrices (Soil, Water, Air)

Air Quality Monitoring

Assessment of Pollution Levels in the Workplace

Noise Measurements: Noise Impact and Occupational Exposure

Mechanical Vibration Measurements

Electromagnetic fields, Roa

Radioactivity Measurements and Radiation Protection Consultancy

Waste classification

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