Health & Safety

We look after your company and your people, so that together we can achieve the goal of a better, safer and more sustainable future.

We strongly believe that everyone in the company is a recipient of and has a role to play in the successful implementation of occupational health and safety regulations.

Correct information and training, solid collaboration at all levels and a common commitment are the fundamental elements of the path proposed by SIGE. A path that aims to lead you towards the achievement and progressive improvement of health and safety at work. How? By supporting you in the processes of education on health and safety at work, and living by the rules and fundamental values of social and civic responsibility.

"It is not for the moment when you are stuck that you need courage, but for the long uphill journey back to health and faith and security."


To date, there are more than 75 client companies where SIGE professionals act as Prevention and Protection Service Managers (RSPP).

Le nostre attività:

Risk assessment and RSPP Assignment

Safety Management Systems/ISO45001

Design of Organisation and Management Models (Legislative Decree 231/01)

Fire Prevention

Explosive Atmospheres Assessment

Construction site safety

Machine Conformity Assessments

Industrial hygiene

ADR/RID/IMDG transport consultancy

Major Accident Hazard (Seveso)

Health & Safety Leadership and Worker Engagement Programmes

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