Environment & Energy

To grow, to improve, to protect... this is our commitment, for our generation, and for that of our children.

Using natural resources in the present, without compromising the same possibility for future generations, is the founding principle of 'sustainable development'.

Based on the best compromise between environmental, economic and social needs, this principle now requires that the management of the environmental aspects and impacts of any organisation involves the entire management at the highest decision-making levels and their ability to relate to local "stakeholders".

Some of the most recent regulatory additions have enshrined the need to manage environmental impacts across the board, and provided a further means of making environmental protection a matter of global social responsibility.


The problem today is not nuclear energy, but the human heart."


SIGE, thanks to the interdisciplinary nature of its skillset and to its research and development activity, which is attentive to the most significant developments on the international scene, offers its clients high-profile Management Consulting aimed at complying with environmental regulations and progressively improving energy performance.

Our activities:

Environmental Due Diligence

Decommissioning / Redeveloping sites

Environmental authorisation

Characterisation of contaminated sites

Waste management

Acoustics (Noise Management)

Quality and Environmental Management Systems

Energy efficiency

Funding programmes and contract proposals

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