Corporate Risk Management

Effective uncertainty management to safeguard your business.

Why introduce a corporate risk management model?

  • Strengthening strategic planning processes

  • Reducing the risk of volatility of results

  • Containing losses

  • Seizing and exploiting opportunities

  • Optimising costs

  • Safeguarding the corporate image

  • Empowering and raising awareness of the risk management culture

What risks can we encounter?

  • Operational

  • Strategic

  • Financial

  • Compliance

  • HSE

  • Security

  • Reputational

How do we operate?

  • We analyse risk

    • Locating risk by identifying existing or potential threats
    • Assessment of the seriousness of each risk
  • We assess risk

    • Impact assessment
    • Probability of occurrence
    • Risk uncertainty
  • We identify the best risk management strategy

    • Definition of control measures
    • Monitoring risks and their impact
    • Activation of measures to avoid or reduce risks and their impact


  • Reducing costs

  • Reducing losses

  • Efficient investments

  • Minimising waste

  • Improving governance

Our activities:

Enterprise Risk Management

Business Continuity Management

Crisis Management & Communication

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